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Current amendment C175bays – Sandringham Golf Course advertising sign restrictions

What is the amendment?

Bayside City Council is proposing to change the Advertising Sign controls for the Sandringham Golf Course, Cheltenham Road, Black Rock. The Advertising Sign controls are proposed to change from Category 4 to Category 3 to allow for business identification signage (over 3sqm) and promotional signage to be sought through planning approval.

This amendment is to facilitate the advertising signage aspect of the Sandringham Golf Links Redevelopment Project which has been submitted as a combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application.

Why is the amendment required?

The ‘Sandringham Golf Links Redevelopment Project’ is a joint initiative between Golf Victoria, Golf Australia, PGA Australia and Sandringham Golf Links Management to create a new home for Golf Australia and a National High Performance Centre and PGA Australia. The project is providing upgraded golf facilities at the Sandringham Golf Course including providing a new building to accommodate the high performance facilities, pro shop, café and change rooms as well as providing office space for Golf Australia and the PGA Australia on the first floor.

This combined Planning Scheme Amendment and planning application is to facilitate business identification signage for the building and for promotional signage for a sponsor. 

Under the site’s current zoning (Public Park and Recreation Zone), signage controls are contained within Category 4, being the maximum limitation. This category does not allow for business identification signage over 3sqm and prohibits any form of promotional signage.

The schedule to the PPRZ however allows for land to be identified in a different schedule of Advertising signage control for the nominated land. This Amendment seeks to allow for Category 3 controls for the Sandringham Golf Course. This will allow for business identification signage on the western façade of the building to enable identification as the ‘Australian Golf Centre’; offices for Golf Australia and PGA Australia; and sponsorship signage.

Which properties are affected?

  • Sandringham Golf Course, Cheltenham Road, Black Rock

Where can I inspect this Amendment?

The Amendment is available for public inspection and can be viewed online at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.

View the amendment documents

You can also view the amendment in person at the Bayside City Council Corporate Centre.

What if I am affected by the Amendment?

Any person who may be affected by the Amendment may make a submission to Council about it. Submissions must be made in writing and name and contact details of submitters are required for council to consider submissions. Any person who makes a submission will be notified of any relevant Council meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions.

Submissions about the Amendment must be received by Monday 21 June 2021.

How to make a submission


Make a submission online


Bayside City Council
Planning Scheme Amendment C175bays
PO Box 27


A submission may be emailed to:

What happens next?

Once the time for submissions has closed, Council will consider all submissions received and consider whether to make changes to the amendment. Submitters will be notified of any Council meeting where submissions are to be considered. 

Once Council has considered submissions, it may resolve to:

  • proceed with the amendment if there are no objections to it; or
  • abandon the amendment; or
  • if there are objecting submissions that can’t be resolved, refer the amendment to an independent Planning Panel approved by the Minister for Planning. The Panel will consider all submissions referred to it. In addition, submitters can request to speak to their submission at the panel hearing. The Panel will then make recommendations to the Council on the amendment. 

How to find out more

For further information on the amendment please contact Council’s Strategic Planner, Greg Mansell by phone on 9599 4393 or by email at