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A decision is made about your application

Once an application has progressed through the advertising phase (if required) and all feedback from third parties has been received, it is then formally assessed and a decision is made.

This video explains how a permit is assessed, what decisions can be made and who makes the final decision.

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How are planning permit applications assessed?

Permit applications are assessed against state and local planning policies, and most are decided by one of our senior planning officers under delegation from Council.

I have been invited to the Planning and Amenity Committee. What does this mean?

More complicated or contentious applications go to the Planning and Amenity Committee for a decision. This is a formal meeting of all Councillors that is open to the public. Applicants and objectors will be sent a letter inviting them to the meeting.

This video explains the process.


(DOCX, 14.96KB)

What decisions can be made?

There are 3 decisions that the senior planning officer or Planning Committee can make.

1. Issue a permit

If there are no objections and your proposal is considered acceptable you are issued a planning permit. You have permission to proceed subject to approval of final plans and any permit conditions.

2. Issue a ‘notice of decision’ to grant a permit

If objections have been received but we consider your proposal acceptable, a legal notice will be issued to say that we support the application subject to certain conditions being met. A copy is sent to the applicant and any objectors. If no appeals are lodged to VCAT within the stated timeframe, a permit will then be issued.

3. Refuse to grant a permit

If your proposal is deemed not acceptable, the reasons for the refusal are explained on a refusal notice and you must not proceed with the proposal. Again, a copy is sent to the applicant and any objectors.


My permit has been issued. Does that mean I can start work?

It is important to note that even if your permit has been accepted other permits may be required. As always, speak to us for further information.

I am unhappy with the decision that has been made. What can I do?

Applicants or objectors that are unhappy with the decision can appeal with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) within the specified timeframes on the notice.