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A building permit is needed to demolish and remove all or part of a building. This process is complicated so in most cases demolition permits are only issued to registered demolition contractors. Report and consent approval may be required before a permit can be granted. Find out more about demolition requirements.

Are there any buildings that don’t require a demolition permit?

If you want to demolish a freestanding outbuilding (class 10 building) like a private garage, carport, shed or retaining wall, you will not need a permit unless one of the following applies:

  • It is constructed of masonry
  • It exceeds 40 square metres in floor area
  • The works may adversely affect the safety of the public or occupiers of the building
  • It is included on the Heritage Register.

If any of the above apply, you will need a building permit.

I am an owner-demolisher, can I get a demolition permit?

The building permit process for demolition and/or removal can be complicated and time-consuming and can lead to costly litigation if not carried out correctly. Demolition permits are very rarely granted to owner-demolishers but instead issued to registered demolition contractors.

To get a permit as an owner-demolisher you must provide your building surveyor with evidence that you have the necessary knowledge, experience, equipment and storage facilities to properly conduct the demolition.

See the Victorian Building Authority website for a range of information about demolition, or to find a registered demolition contractor.

Do I need any other type of approvals for a demolition?

Some types of demolition require a report and consent approval before you can get a demolition permit.

You will need report and consent if your proposal includes demolishing:
•    100% of a building
•    more than half the volume of the original building over a 3 year time period
•    any part of the facade of a building.

How do I arrange a report and consent for demolition?

You can apply and pay online.