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How do statutory days work?

See our current application processing timeframes

When do the 60 days start?

The 60 days start when we receive your application and full fee. We will confirm with you in writing when we have received your application.

What resets the 60 days?

The 60 days reset if:

  • We request further information within 28 calendar days of receiving your application.
  • There is a formal amendment to the application.

We begin counting statutory days from zero when we receive the information or the amendment.

Calculate the 60 days with a calculator on the VCAT website.

Meet with a planner to prevent delays.

What stops the 60 days?

You may need to let affected parties know about your application via letters, public notices or signage. Depending on your type of application, the planning scheme may have specific advertising requirements.

The clock stops when we let you know about the requirements. It commences again when the last notice or advertisement is public.

How are we performing?

The Victoria State Government publishes key performance data on their website.

Know your council captures yearly data on:

  • Planning applications decided within the 60 statutory days
  • Average days required for a decision
  • Cost per planning application
  • Planning decisions upheld at VCAT