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If objections are received, you may have a consultation meeting

A planning consultation meeting gives the applicant, objectors and all relevant parties an opportunity to express their view, get a better understanding of the proposal and also see if there's a way to address concerns raised.

A consultation meeting is a great way to discuss a proposal and address any questions with the relevant parties.

What should I do before the consultation meeting?

Before the meeting, it is a good idea to review the proposal and objections, and to think about ways in which the issues may be solved.

Who will facilitate the consultation meeting?

Our staff will facilitate the meeting and help work through any technical questions.

Who can speak at the consultation meeting?

The applicant and objector/s will each get the opportunity to discuss their positions. We will help the applicant and objectors reach common ground. Councillors may also come along, they will listen but not take part in the discussion.

How long will the consultation meeting go for?

The session should go for no longer than an hour. On conclusion the planning officer will advise of the next steps.

What happens next?

Next, a decision is made about the application.