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Make sure you comply with your permit conditions

How do we hear about permit violations?

The community is encouraged to report serious concerns to us immediately so we can act quickly before too much further work is carried out.

Report illegal construction works relating to a planning permit. 

What are permit violations?

Compliance issues may include:

  • construction of buildings that do not satisfy what was approved in the plans or permit.
  • using a property for something illegal or other than what was approved.
  • any works that were conducted without a planning permit where a permit is required.

What happens if I am in breach of my planning permit conditions?

If your development is in breach of the planning permit conditions we will first seek voluntary compliance. If this doesn’t occur it may lead to fines, enforcement at VCAT, or prosecution through the Magistrates’ Court.

You can find out more about VCAT enforcement on the VCAT website.