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Vehicle crossing permits

A vehicle crossing is the part of the driveway that crosses the footpath and nature strip. If you are building, relocating or altering this area in any way, you will need a vehicle crossing permit.

What size can my vehicle crossing be?

In general, properties are permitted a single 3m wide vehicle crossing.

Cost for Vehicle Crossing Permit Application?

$334.00 Permit application fee. 

What do I need to put on my plan?

You must attach a clear plan of the proposed vehicle crossing. Public assets such as pits, trees or power poles must be accurately shown on the plan along with clear offset provided between the proposed vehicle crossing and the relevant asset.

The proposed crossing width is required to be on the plan. Crossings up to 4.8m wide will only be considered for dwellings with double garages within 5.5m of the front setback.

The offset between the nearest side property boundary and the new vehicle crossing is also required. All dimensions are to be measured at the footpath.

What other approvals will I need?

You may need to seek approval from relevant authorities if their assets will be affected. Assets within 1 meter of the proposed crossover will require approval. These assets could be:

What car spacing is required?

You should always provision for full car spaces based on:

  • One car space (between 7.5m and 9m)
  • Two car spaces (12m+)

New crossings adjacent to another crossing between 4m and 7.5m (half car space) or between 9m and 12m (one and a half car spaces) may not be approved.

New crossings in areas with high parking demand will be assessed against these guidelines.

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Some streets require a planning permit

If the site is on one of these streets, you must first apply for a planning permit:

  • Balcombe Road
  • Bay Road
  • Beach Road
  • Bluff Road
  • Centre Road
  • Cummins Road
  • Esplanade
  • Glen Huntly Road, between St Kilda St and Nepean Hwy
  • Hampton Street
  • Hawthorn Road
  • Nepean Highway, entire length excluding service roads
  • North Road, east of St Kilda Street only
  • St Kilda Street
  • South Road

When will a second vehicle crossing be considered?

Second vehicle crossings will only be considered in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • To improve access for residents with mobility constraints, where the layout inside the property cannot reasonably be reconfigured to achieve this.
  • Safe access to and from the property is such that a significant hazard will be removed by the installation of a second crossing.
  • The property is located on a street with:
    • a recorded crash history of more than 1 injury accident in 5 years near the property
    • evidence of regular damage to vehicles when entering/exiting the property
    • inadequate site lines at the property.

In circumstances of the above criteria is met, a second vehicle crossing will only be considered:

  • where the property frontage is more than 20 metres in length;
  • where the 2 crossings can be separated by a minimum distance of 7.5m (excluding kerb returns)
  • there is no reduction in the number of car park spaces on the street.

Vehicle Crossing Guidelines

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