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We will review your application and provide feedback

Once you have submitted your planning application we will do an initial review and send you a letter providing feedback. 

What feedback will be included in my letter?

The letter will highlight any issues or concerns we have about your application, and either:

  • request further information;
  • advise that your application does not require public notification; or
  • advise that public notification of your application is required.

This letter will also provide you with the contact details of the planner that has been allocated to your application. You can contact them directly for any future enquiries.

What if my letter requests further information?

If your letter requests further information please respond by the due date to avoid the lapsing of the application and minimise delays. This video explains more about providing further information.


What if the application does not require public notification?

If your application does not require public notification (advertising) it means your proposal is either exempt from the formal notice requirements, and/or is not expected to have a negative impact on other homes or businesses and may go straight to formal assessment. This video explains what to do next.

What if I’m advised that my application needs to be advertised?

If you are advised that your application needs to be advertised it is because your proposal may affect other homes or businesses. A planning notification board will be installed on the land and community members will have the opportunity to review your proposal and raise any concerns or objections. This video explains advertising further.

Can I make changes to my application?

In all cases, this will be the last opportunity to make changes to your application before the official assessment begins. After this point making changes is harder and fees may apply. So we encourage you to address any concerns raised to give your application the best chance of success.

What happens next?

Next, your application may be advertised.