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What building standards apply to my property?

The Building Regulations set out general building and safety standards that apply to all properties including things like balconies, fire safety and smoke alarms, asbestos and swimming pools and spas. Find out about key building standards that may apply to your home.

It is important to understand the latest building and safety standards when carrying out building works and as part of the ongoing maintenance of your home.

Follow the links to find out more about:

The VBA website is a good resource for information about:


Regulations apply to the construction and replacement of fences such as height, location and overshadowing. Some fences also require a building permit. Find out more about building or replacing a fence. 


Water tanks

All water tanks must be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with safety and installation regulations. In some cases, you may need a planning permit or building permit. Speak with us first if you are unsure.