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Your application may be advertised

A planning permit application needs to be publicly advertised if the proposal is likely to impact other homes and businesses in the community.

Why do some planning permit applications need to be advertised?

Advertising planning permit applications give anyone who may be affected the opportunity to view it and raise any issues or concerns they may have.

This video explains the advertising and objection process from both the applicant and an objector’s perspective.

How do I know if, when and how my planning permit application needs to be advertised?

We will advise you on advertising requirements and associated fees. We will then organise a contractor to install a notice of application sign in a clearly visible position on the land.

This advertising period should run for at least 14 days but is sometimes longer for larger or complex proposals or during holidays.

Pay your advertising fees

You will need the permit reference number from your notice and a valid credit card. Go to our eCouncil website, enter the reference number and commence the payment process.

How can I reduce the likelihood of objections to my planning permit application?

Talking with neighbours before lodging a planning permit application can help pre-empt any impacts, and will most likely save time and money later in the assessment process.

Can I make changes to my plans?

You can make small amendments to your plans during this process but larger changes will require a formal request to amend an application and additional fees may apply.

Where can I view any objections to my planning permit application?

All objections are publicly available to view at our offices or copies can be sent on request. You and any objectors will be kept informed as the application progresses.

What happens next?

What happens next depends on whether an application has received any objections.

If there are no objections, the application progresses to the final assessment phase.

However if there are objections we will try to help negotiate an outcome.