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2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition winners

We are proud to present the winners of the 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition.

Responding to the theme "Wonderful World", entrants to this year's exhibition have provided a sense of hope and inspiration despite COVID-19. Though there must be winners for the competition, we would like to sincerely thank and congratulate each entrant for making this exhibition possible.


Primary Category (10-12 years) 


Maggie, Wonderful World in my Mind, described by artist below

Name: Maggie
Age: 12
Title: Wonderful world inside my mind
Medium: Painting
Description: In a girl's mind the world is peaceful. The environment is calm. Different cultures respect each other. The world is at one, in harmony and spirit. A truly wonderful world.


Nicolas, My Streetscape, described by artist below

Name: Nicolas
Age: 12
Title: My Streetscape
Medium: Digital image
Description: My Streetscape is inspired by the artist Howard Arkley. It's created in Pic Collage on my Laptop.


Molly, Dragon Form, described by artist below

Name: Molly
Age: 10
Title: Dragon Form
Medium: Drawing
Description: I am fascinated by the mystical nature of dragons. I am currently reading the "Wings of Fire" series and I was inspired to study and draw my version of a dragon. They are both fierce and beautiful.

Middle Years


Isabella, Portrait Of A Lifetime, as described by artist below

Name: Isabella
Age: 14
Title: Portrait of a Lifetime
Medium: Coloured pencil drawing
Description: The face of an elderly person displays a vast lifetime of experiences. A wonderful world we live in, having people amongst us with knowledge of worlds that exist no longer.


Ben, Nature's soil, described by the artist below

Name: Ben 
Age: 15
Title: Nature's Soil
Medium: Painting with watercolour and grey led pencil
Description: This artwork responds to the theme of ‘wonderful world’ by showing the effects of climate change on Earth. It shows that we should cherish our world and it’s beauty.


Valera, The Misty Mountains, described by artist below

Name: Valera
Age: 15
Title: The Misty Mountains
Medium: Painting
Description: The light grey colour represents the clouds going over the mountains. The black colour represents the shadows in the mountains. I like the details of the shading and its effect.
Available to buy for $10
Contact Youth Services to express interest in purchasing this artwork.



Martha, Peaceful Waters of Thailand, described by artist below.

Name: Martha
Age: 18
Title: Peaceful Waters of Thailand
Medium: Oil painting on canvas
Description: My artwork is a reminder of nature’s limitless beauty and tranquillity, and the escape that it offers us particularly in times of stress. It’s a wild and wonderful world.


Joshua, Mountain Man, described by artist below.

Name: Josh
Age: 16
Title: Mountain Man
Medium: Digital 
Description: Digital artwork in Illustrator

Committee Choice Award

Scarlett, Reflections, described by artist below

Name: Scarlett
Age: 14
Title: Reflection
Medium: Drawing 
Description: To be immersed in the cool blues and soft greens of the sea is a gift from our wonderful world allowing us to reflect, just as the natural beauty is reflected in the water.