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Small shrubs

The following is a list of indigenous small shrubs (50cm–2m) that are available for purchase at the Community Nursery. Please note that stock of many species is highly variable and subject to sell out at short notice. Helpful nursery staff are available during nursery open hours to provide advice on selecting plants for your garden.

Table key

The table below uses letters to denote the type of environment the species are suited to:

  • A plants are adaptable, growing well in most soil types and aspects
  • C plants are for coast – dune scrub and woodland
  • D plants prefer dry, well drained soils and tolerates dryness once established
  • S plants prefer or tolerate full shade
  • H plants prefer heath or woodland
  • W plants prefer or tolerate moist soils, wetness and periodic inundation

Please note, all indigenous plants provide habitat and food for local birds, insects and other native animals.

Species name Common name Mature size range (HxW) Key
Acacia suaveolens Sweet Wattle 1–3m x 1–5m HD
Acacia ulicifolia Juniper Wattle 1–2m x 1–2m HW
Allocasuarina paradoxa Green She-oak 50cm–2m x 1–2m HDS
Aotus ericoides Common Aotus 50cm–2m x 30cm x 1.5m HWD
Atriplex cinerea Coast or Grey Saltbush 1–2m x 2–3m CD
Bossiaea cinerea Showy Bossiaea 1–2m x 1–2m HCD
Correa alba  White Correa 50cm–2m x 1–3m CA
Correa reflexa Common Correa 30cm–2m x 1–2m HSA
Daviesia ulicifolia Gorse Bitter-pea 1.5m x 1–2m HA
Dillwynia cinerascens Grey Parrot-pea 60cm–1.5m x 50cm–1.5m HDS
Dillwynia glaberrima Heath Parrot-pea 50cm–2m x 1–2m HDS
Epacris impressa Common Heath 50cm–1.5m x 20–60cm HA
Goodenia ovata Hop Goodenia 1–2.5m x 1–3m HCA
Hibbertia fasciculata var. prostrata           Bundled Guinea-flower  30–60cm x 30cm HD
Hibbertia sericea Silky Guinea-flower 30cm–1m x 60cm HD
Hibbertia riparia Erect Guinea-flower 30cm–1.2m x 60cm HA
Lasiopetalum baueri Slender Velvet-bush 1–1.5m x 50cm–1m CDA
Leptospermum myrsinoides Heath or Silky Tea-tree 50cm–2.5m x 1m HA
Leucophyta brownii Cushion Bush 20cm–1m x 50cm–2m CD
Leucopogon virgatus Common Beard-heath 30cm–1m x 20–60cm HD
Monotoca scoparia Prickly Broom-heath 1–2.5m x 1–1.5m HDW
Myoporum petiolatum Sticky Boobialla 50cm–2m x 1.5–2m CA
Olearia ramulosa Twiggy Daisy-bush 50cm–2m x 1–2.5m HD
Rhagodia candolleana Seaberry Saltbush 1.5–4m x 1–2.5m CA
Suaeda australis Austral Seablite 15–18cm x 30cm–1.2m CW