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Start and grow your business

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business, changing the nature of your activities or buying an existing business premises, it is likely you will need a range of permits, registrations and licences, such as:

  • Planning permit (including liquor)
  • Building permission (including hoarding, report and consent, asset protection)
  • Food business registration
  • Health or beauty registration
  • Accommodation registration
  • Footpath trading permit

We can confirm whether you need any permits, registrations, licenses or need to follow any specific guidelines and legislation. This page will help you understand the permit application process and how to access specialist advice when needed.

A business owner stands in front of his shop wearing a light blue apron and with arms folded.

Four steps for new business owners to follow

What permits will I need?

The types of permits you will require will depend on your type of business and what activities you are planning on undertaking. Our permit assessment guide can help you understand the types of permits you may need for your business.

If you think you know what permits, registrations or licenses you need, you can find and submit applications via the list in the Apply section.

Make sure you have spoken with every relevant department prior to lodgement and have the required information ready to submit. There is also additional information on each application page to explain each application process.


  • Apply for a planning permit (including to sell or consume liquor)
  • Note: A liquor license also needs to be obtained from VCGLR. The planning department can issue a right to sell or consume alcohol at your premises.


Food business:

Health, beauty and accommodation business:

Footpath trading:

Receiving the application

Once you have applied, a council officer from each relevant area will assess your application. You are welcome to contact them to check on the status of your application. 

Payments for applications

There are standard fees that apply to all permit types. The details of your application will determine the exact fees and charges. These fees will be payable upon application.

Final inspections may be required

Council may be required to complete a final inspection of your premises prior to approving your application. You will be notified by the relevant department to arrange for this inspection.

Requests for information

You may get a request for further information during the assessment phase. Please be prompt in responding to any requests as a slow response may delay a decision on your application.

Receive notice of the decision

If all the applications have been approved, we will send you a copy of your permit, license or registration and you can begin to operate. Congratulations!

What do I need to know once my business is established?

Renewals. Please note food and health registrations, and footpath trading permits are renewed annually, you will receive an invoice from us when it is time to pay the renewal.