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Submit a planning permit application

To submit a planning permit application you will need to have a few documents and pay the application fee.

To lodge your planning permit application, you generally need to submit:

Will I need to pay a fee to submit a planning application?

You will need to pay the application fee.

What is the planning permit application submission process?

This video provides an overview of the application requirements and submission process.

Lodging a permit application video transcript (DOCX, 15.67KB)

What should I do before submitting my planning permit application?

We strongly recommend you call or meet with us before submitting your application. Once you have a reasonably clear idea of what you would like to do, book in for a pre-application meeting and we will help make sure you have everything you need to avoid delays in the approval process.

Where can I get assistance in completing my planning permit application?

If you need assistance completing your application please refer to our guide to completing your planning permit application below.

How to complete a planning application (PDF, 185.57KB)

We recommend you familiarise yourself with the planning permit process and our processing times.

You can also view our planning application and amendment forms.


We have created checklists to help you collate your application information.

Single dwelling

Two to five dwellings

Six dwellings or more


Change of use

What happens after I submit my planning application permit?

Next, we will review your application and provide feedback.