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Want to learn more about our natural environment? We publish a number of publications designed to inspire and inform you about Bayside's environment.

The Brighter newsletter: change today for a brighter tomorrow

The Brighter newsletter features stories, news and events about sustainability, and local, national and international action about environmental issues.

The Brighter comes out monthly and include upcoming workshops and events.

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For further information email brighter [at] bayside.vic.gov.au

Brighter Schools newsletter for passionate teachers

This newsletter supports the teachers who want to engage their students on the environment. Some of the opportunities include:

  • excursion opportunities for your class.
  • grants to help you implement environmental programs at your school.
  • professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • exciting competitions for your entire school.

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Submit a story

We welcome submissions for stories to be featured in both the Brighter and Brighter Schools eNewsletters. We would especially love to hear about:

  • volunteer opportunities.
  • sustainability events, workshops and talks.
  • inspiring stories of what people are doing in their everyday day lives to reduce their own environmental impacts.
  • great resources and tools.
  • ideas for other items you would like featured in the newsletters.

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