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The Sustainable Homes Program

The Sustainable Homes program is a supported series of workshops and activities designed to help you make informed sustainable decisions for you and your home.

The Sustainable Homes program is a series of interactive workshops and activities that provides you with the skills and information you need to make sustainable decisions for your home and your family.

Hosted locally, the program or workshop facilitator will guide you through the facts and activities that will make your home more sustainable and save on energy and water bills.

Topics include


This includes house orientation, shading, double glazing, thermal mass, draught sealing, solar hot water, insulation, efficient appliances, solar panels, efficient lighting, behaviour change, public transport, energy monitoring, and green tradies.


This includes rainwater tanks, dual-flush toilets, efficient shower heads, taps and aerators, four-minute showers, grey water systems, dishwashing versus handwashing, swimming pools and spas, and water efficient gardens.


This includes garden mulching, planting indigenous trees and shrubs, organic food, growing vegetables, vertical gardens, creating rain gardens, buying local and seasonal food, improving soil health, growing fruit trees, and keeping chickens. 


This includes recycling paper and bottles, recycling building materials, composting, worm farms, recycling e-waste, recycling or disposing of hazardous chemicals, recycling household goods, biodegradable nappies versus reusables, biodegradable cleaning products, and smart purchasing.

The next Sustainable Homes workshop is yet to be confirmed. Please like us on Facebook to get an update on the next session.