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Take a trip down Advantage Road

Discover one of Bayside’s hidden gems…a thriving community of artists and makers in Advantage Road, Highett.

This industrial street is a treasure trove of 16 creative spaces hosting painters, printmakers, textile artists, milliners, ceramicists, sculptors and more.

As we were unable to host an open day this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, we bring you a look into their remarkable studios online.

Meet the artists, hear their stories and learn what makes this community so special...


Which studio would you like to visit?

1/15 Advantage RoadTwo Threads - womenswear 
2/15 Advantage Road: Graeme Altmann Artist - drawing and painting
5/15 Advantage Road: Ministry of Art - artistic activities
16A Advantage RoadAnastasias Art - oil on canvas and sculpture
16A Advantage Road: Lisa Sewards - printmaker and artist
16B Advantage Road: Bayside Sculpture - artistic development
26 Advantage Road: Michelle Sturrock Art - painting
26 Advantage Road: Jessica Watson-Thorp - monoprint artist
Unit 2/37 Advantage Road: Rebecca Withington, Urban Clay - ceramic studio
Unit 6/231 Bay Rd: BRON'S ART - sculptures and paintings

Advantage Road map

With restrictions easing, you can now visit these studios in person. Please visit their respective websites for further details.

1/15 Advantage Road: Two Threads


Two Threads focus on creating long-lasting, beautiful clothing for everyday life. They aim to dress ageless women who choose quality over quantity.

As part of their design philosophy they include an element of sustainability by creating upcycled garments from reclaimed clothing and materials.

They design with minimal fabric waste and try to use all offcuts to make other garments for their range.

Visit the Two Threads website

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2/15 Advantage Road: Graeme Altmann Artist


Like many artists who are still practising after 30 years, Graeme's love for drawing and painting developed at a very early age. Techniques and styles were acquired and constantly experimented with before and after graduating from a fine art degree.

He has always had a strong affiliation with the coast, it was where he was born. He became fascinated by the power of the sea and the stories, songs of others who have connections with it. The isolated figure standing on the bow of a boat, Thylacines suspended in 'the in-between' have become an iconic form in much of his work.

His studio is open by appointment.

Visit Graeme's website

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5/15 Advantage Road: Ministry of Art


The Ministry of Art seeks to build a creative community in the Bayside area, with a full program of artistic activities.

They challenge the status quo of traditional art gallery business models by charging lower exhibition fees, encouraging more local artists to create and exhibit their artworks. More artists pursuing their creative ambitions helps our communities gain cultural, social and  economic value through public art. 

The Ministry of Art encourages people to be part of a creative community and become involved in art exhibitions, life drawing classes, Art by Night programs & team building art programs. The space can also be used for other events such as yoga, private events, charity events, fundraisers and product launches, all in the surrounds of a beautiful art gallery.

Contact the Ministry of Art for classes, events or to visit the studio.

Visit Ministry of Art's website

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16A Advantage Road: Anastasias Art


Anastasia has worked from her studio, Artist Proof, in Bayside for nearly 10 years. She specialises in oil on canvas, and sculpture. Many of her works feature faces and the human form - they celebrate beauty, character, strength and joy. She is very considered about each of her pieces and researches and plans a piece well in advance of taking brush to canvas.

A member of Association of Sculptors of Victoria and Sculpture Bayside, she is currently working on a series of inter-related sculptures and paintings themed around Greek Mythology. She hopes to exhibit these in 2021.

She welcomes visits by appointment. anastasia [at] figureworks.com.au (Email Anastasia to book).

Visit Anastasia's website

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16A Advantage Road: Lisa Sewards


Sewards has held six solo exhibitions, featured in many group shows and has been shortlisted as a finalist in several printmaking awards.

She was recently was the featured artist in Editions' annual printmaking exhibition, and this year she won APC's Curators Choice Award. She was also included in our Who are the artists in your neighbourhood?, including a Q&A and virtual tour.

Her work is represented by Queenscliff Gallery, Tacit Galleries, fortyfivedownstairs Gallery and &Gallery Australia.  Sewards is currently working towards a March 2021 exhibition that celebrates Australian short story literature, a genre she embraced during the Melbourne restrictions this year. 

She welcomes visits to her Printmaking Studio by appointment. 

Visit Lisa Sewards' website

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16B Advantage Road: Bayside Sculpture


Bayside Sculpture look to encourage creativity in each person, particularly through sculpture and related art forms.

They offer a supportive, creative environment where self-expression is encouraged. New ways of exploring the visual arts, particularly sculpture, are promoted and innovative art practices explored.

They also have 7 resident sculptors whose studio work provides inspiration and creative energy. If you wish to have fun and experience a creative, supportive environment, Bayside Sculpture is the place for you.

Visit Bayside Sculpture website

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26 Advantage Road: Michelle Sturrock Art


Michelle grew up in Melbourne and has been drawing and painting since she was a young child. She is mostly self-taught but enjoys watching and learning from other artists, whether it’s a demonstration or attending a workshop.

She has lived in Bayside for 6 years and loves the area. She often draws and paints the bay, loving the light on the water and the amazing sunsets. She also loves the people and their pets. Creating pet portraits is her most requested commission and she never tires of drawing dogs in particular. Her own dog, Bailey the golden retriever, has often been a subject for her drawing and painting practice.

She now has her own art studio space at Mulbury on Advantage Road, describing it as "a wonderful place for creativity and collaboration".

Visits welcome by appointment.

michellesturrockart [at] gmail.com (Email Michelle Sturrock Art)

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26 Advantage Road: Jessica Watson-Thorp


Jessica Watson-Thorp has consciously pushed and developed her practice to explore spirituality, emotion and the human condition.

Born and raised in rural Australia, Jessica has spent most of her adult life living in various destinations around the world. Now based in Sandringham, Jessica remains influenced by the roots she placed amid various cultural groups and explores feelings of belonging, both personally and collectively.

Jessica has exhibited in London, New York, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne. Her work is held in private collections across the globe. She welcomes visits to her studio by appointment.

Visit Jessica's website

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Unit 2/37 Advantage Road: Rebecca Withington, Urban Clay


Rebecca Withington's Urban Clay is ceramic studio which offers fun and creative wheel-throwing & hand building classes for beginners and advanced beginners, wheel & wine nights, private group classes & corporate events.

They are passionate about the craft of ceramics and are excited to be sharing their skills in clay-making with you. Their highly experienced teachers will guide you through the fundamental skills of working with clay and will encourage you to develop your own personal creativity.

The classes have been designed to make learning the traditional craft of ceramics easy and fun and you will leave the course with several beautiful art pieces that you can treasure for years to come.

Visit Urban Clay's website

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Unit 6/231 Bay Rd: BRON'S ART


"If my work makes you smile I am doing my job" 

Bron's studio has been a busy space for over 10 years. Bron specialises in ceramic sculpture and multi media paintings.

The sculptures and paintings are quirky, colourful and will make you smile. Dogs feature heavily in all of Bron's artworks.

Pet portraits are available on commission and you will see her happy sculptures in exhibitions such as Toorak Sculpture Exhibition and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. 

Bron has taught hundreds of children all about clay, paint, drawing and craft at the art classes, holiday workshops and art parties.

Contact Bron for classes and workshops or a studio visit.

Visit the BRON'S ART website

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