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Terms of entry for 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition

Please see below for the terms and conditions for entering the 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition. Submit your artwork by July 31 2020. 

  1. Artwork accepted into the 2020 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition includes but not limited to: drawing, craft, graphics, mixed-media, photography, sculptures, textiles and computer-generated art. Moving images will not be accepted.
  2. Artwork will be on display on the Bayside City Council website and social media platforms. Submissions must be appropriate to be displayed on a public website- artwork that Bayside City Council deems inappropriate will not be displayed. Artists will be contacted if the artwork is not accepted.
  3. This exhibition is a celebration of diverse artwork, young people, gender, suburbs, schools and abilities. Unless the artwork is deemed inappropriate (as stated above) all artwork will be accepted and displayed on Bayside City Council website and promoted on social media sites.
  4. Submissions are accepted from 10 June-31 July 2020. Submissions will not be accepted after this date.
  5. Artists must be 10-25 years old with a connection to Bayside (live, work, study, recreate). Artists outside the municipality without a connection to Bayside will not be accepted. Artists under the age of 18 must obtain their parent or guardian’s consent by way of the signature when indicated to do so.
  6. Entries must be through the online submission form.
  7. One art piece will be accepted per artist.
  8. The exhibition will be digital, with artists submitting up to three photos of their artwork. Photos must be less than 10 MB and a maximum 20MB.
  9. Artists and/or parents/guardians authorise Bayside City Council to share photos of your artwork, your first name, age and description of the artwork on the Bayside City Council website and Bayside City Council Facebook page. Photos will be reproduced for promotional purposes for this event including print and digital formats.
  10. Artwork can be sold as part of this exhibition. Youth Services will contact the artist and/or their parent guardian if they are under 18 expressing their interest to sell the artwork and cost. Members of the public who enquire about purchasing artwork will email youth_services [at] bayside.vic.gov.au and details will be passed to the artist or their parent and/or guardian. It will be at the discretion of a parent and/or guardian to contact the interested buyer. Bayside City Council will not be part of the negotiation, selling, or delivery of artwork. Artists and buyers enter into these agreements independent of Bayside City Council.