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Stormwater Detention System in Third Street, Black Rock

We're planning to construct a new stormwater drainage system in Third Street, Black Rock to help prevent local flooding during heavy rainfall. 

The works will include an underground stormwater detention system installed in Third Street, connecting to drainage pits and pipes near Central Avenue. These pits and pipes will continue down to the intersection with Fourth Street.

Third Street has a history of drainage and flooding issues which can be alleviated through these proactive works to help protect local streets and private property into the future during severe weather.

The drainage works will include:

•            Installing underground rain storage tanks on Third Street

•            Connecting drainage pipes on Third Street and Central Avenue

•            New stormwater pits on Third Street and Central Avenue

•            New asphalt paving and line marking throughout Third Street

•            Minor footpath raising and related works.

Street access during works

This project is expected to commence in early 2023 and take 12 weeks to complete. It will require temporary full road closures of Third Street, as well as the partial closure of Central Avenue. Road closures will be staged to maximise property access. In each stage, vehicle access to properties may be restricted during working hours for approximately four weeks at a time. During this time, there will be no on-street parking and, at certain times, driveway access may be restricted. Pedestrian and emergency vehicle access will always be available.

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