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Tips for photographing your artwork

This is a guide to help you with your artwork submission for the 2021 Young People of Bayside Art Exhibition.

Do your artwork justice

The most important thing to convey in the photograph is your favourite part of the artwork. Make the image visually appealing and interesting to yourself, as this will translate to your audience.

Crop your artwork

Remove the background surrounding the artwork. Try cropping your artwork by removing the surrounding areas and shadows to make for a cleaner image.

No time for reflections

Two photographs of artwork the one on the left has a bad reflection in the glass and the second does not have a reflection as the photographer changed the angle and rolled tape behind the photo

Reflections are the biggest challenge when photographing artwork. The best way to avoid this is to remove the glass or to roll some tape behind the photograph to change the angle.

Straight and steady


The best angle for artwork is straight on if possible. Ensure the image is not blurry. Try using a tripod to assist.

Keep it clean

two photos of artwork, one with clutter in the foreground and the other focusing on the artwork.

Keep a clean background. Try photographing your work in front of a blank wall or table, without the background clutter.

Keep it natural

The best light is indirect, white light. When possible, take the photograph using natural light.