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Tis the season to be planting

Small gum tree planted in Bayside naturestrip

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trees love the cooler weather so winter is perfect tree planting time.

Council’s contractor Citywide Tree Services is out and about planting trees all over the municipality – in nature strips, parks and other open spaces.

Our urban forest and leafy streetscapes are some of the most loved aspects of Bayside.

The annual tree planting season runs from May to September. Depending on the weather, planting can sometimes begin earlier or run later.

As many as 1,600 trees can be planted in Bayside nature strips and parks in a planting season.

Advanced trees are used and must be ordered by December or January at the latest for planting the following year.

Street trees are planted according to Council’s street and park tree selection guide which prioritises vacant sites and replacing existing trees.

You can request a street tree to be planted in your nature strip. The site will be inspected and if suitable, you will be advised when your tree will be planted.

Newly planted trees are supported for two years including watering, mulching and pruning. The new tree arrives with a special bucket and leaflet to give the property owner the opportunity to help settle the tree into its new surroundings if desired.

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Winter is the perfect time to plant trees in Bayside's streets.