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Trees and development

Bayside values its trees. Our Open Space Arborist advises on permits and we require new developments to consider street tree assets and adjust designs to accommodate. Read our guidelines for working near Council trees.

Working around Council trees

If a Council tree is to be retained, tree protection must be installed around the tree(s) in front of or adjacent to any development site. The guideline for working near council trees describes the type of protection that must be established prior to any works being undertaken. This protection must be maintained from demolition until all works on site are complete (including landscaping).

Guideline for working near Council trees (PDF, 2.01MB)

Guideline for working near Council trees (DOCX, 1.12MB)

Street and Park Tree Management Policy 2020 (PDF, 381.54KB)

Requests for tree removal to facilitate development

Council will consider a developer’s request to remove a council-owned tree to facilitate development on an adjacent site only after all possible design solutions have been considered to retain the tree(s) and deemed exhausted by Council’s Development Services department; and has met all the criteria outlined below.

  • The tree has a value of less than $20,000 calculated using the Tree Amenity Valuation Procedure;
  • The applicant agrees to pay for costs associated with lost amenity and the tree’s removal, replacement and re-instatement, as explained above; and
  • The applicant applies for a planning permit if the tree is native and in Bayside’s VPO3.

Tree removal to facilitate development

Where a Council tree is approved for removal by Council to facilitate development, the asset value shall be paid by the property owner, or representative, prior to the development commencing. The asset value is calculated using the methodology in Council’s Tree Amenity Valuation Procedure 2017, and consists of the tree’s amenity value as well as removal and replacement costs.