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Update your rate notice details

Use this form to

  • Change your address for future rate notices.
  • Update your rate notice details.
  • Get your rate notice via email.
  • Register to get an SMS reminder about when your rates are due in full.

To complete this form you will need

  • The assessment number, property address and names from your printed rate notice.
  • A signed letter of authority if you are acting on behalf of an owner and have not supplied previously.
This is found on your rate notice.
The property listed on the rate notice. Start typing and it will perform a search of current Bayside addresses.

Owner details
This must be the address where they physically live (no PO Boxes).
If you have already supplied us a signed authority, you do not need to submit again.
Files must be less than 10 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx.
Submitter details
This must be the address where you physically live (no PO Boxes).

Postal address

Provide the updated owner details

Rate notice delivery


Selecting email means a paper notice will no longer be sent.

If you are already receiving your rate notice via BPay View please unsubscribe before registering for this service.

Postal address for rate notice

Agent details for rate notice
Tenant details for rate notice
Another person or organisation
SMS registration
For yearly payers that would like an SMS reminder when rates are due 15 February.

This must be an Australian mobile number.