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We all know that walking is great for our health, as well as a lovely way to get out and about. It can also have a positive impact on our environment.

The more we choose to walk instead of drive, the more we make an important contribution to the environmental sustainability of Bayside. By walking instead of using our cars for short trips, we reduce pollution, congestion and enhance the green quality of our streets.

Start by walking to work, the train station, school or the shops.

Walking is great for our environment because it:

  • emits no greenhouse gases
  • helps decrease noise pollution
  • uses land in a very efficient manner relative to motor vehicles, requiring less road space and parking
  • helps to reduce the 'heat island' effect that is created by urban development
  • does not emit oil and petrol residue, which becomes a major source of water pollution once it enters the stormwater system
  • reduces air pollution. In Australia it is estimated that 900 to 2000 early deaths are caused from vehicle based air pollution each year.

Walks and Trails app

We have developed a range of walks and trails for a leisurely walk, invigorating jog or an exploration of your neighbourhood. You can download them as a free audio tour smartphone app (available on Android and iPhone).