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image of the vampire bin and stamp saying don't feed the bin

Don’t be a bin feeder!

8 March 2017
Did you know that global food waste creates more greenhouse gas emissions than the international...
Weekly rubbish bin times are changing

Bin times are a’changing

1 March 2017
Pick-up times for Bayside’s weekly rubbish bins are changing. The changes are the result of newer,...
Christmas trees can be included in hard waste collections in January

Hard rubbish service reopens

9 January 2017
The hard rubbish and bundled branches collection service is now open for bookings after the...
image of hard rubbish pile on a natures strip

Booking hard rubbish

10 November 2016
Spring is a great time for cleaning out unwanted items from cupboards, sheds and gardens before the...


International Compost Awareness Week

7 May - 13 May 2017

Better Soil, Better Life, Better Future

Organic waste to organic gold

9 May 2017

Learn how to create and maintain a compost system at home.