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Watch Storytime at Bayside Libraries

Unfortunately you can't come to Storytime at the moment due to the Bayside Libraries being closed, so we're bringing Storytime to you.

On Tuesdays at 10.30am, Wednesday at 10:30am and Thursdays at 10.30am you can find our Librarians, Nan and Sam and Mel, on Bayside Library's Facebook Live or watch them on repeat below.

Storytime with Sam

Have a Hat-tastic Storytime with Sam

Storytime with Nan

Grumpy duck, Grumpy Puss and Dinosaurs!

Storytime with Nan

How does the little green frog go?

Storytime with Nan

Whats in the box?!

Storytime with Sam and Betty the Gorilla at Beaumaris Library

Sam tries to cheer up Betty the grumpy Gorilla with bananas and a trip to the Zoo!

Storytime with Mel 

Mel shows us all the things we can do with a box at home, a silly story about a frog and a Shark in the Park!

Storytime with Sam at Beaumaris Library

Sam took us on a bear hunt, helped Little Eddy find his teddy and taught us some songs to join in with.

Easter Bunnyroo visits Beaumaris

Nan and Grumpy Puss hippity-hopped along with the Easter Bunnyroo, helped Buster find some eggs and sung some Easter themed songs.


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