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Free water tanks for Elster Creek catchment

You can earn rebates for a rainwater tank or rain garden to reduce runoff impact and improve the quality of our local waterways via the Living Water Workbees project. 

Expressions of interest are now being sought from Bayside schools, businesses and residents in the Elster Creek catchment, who may be interested in earning rebates for rainwater tanks and rain gardens through the Living Water Workbees project.

Who can apply?

Find out whether your Bayside Council residence, school, business or community group is within the Elster Creek catchment by referencing the approximate area between the green and purple lines, in the map below.

Elster Creek Bayside Council

People who live, work and play in the Elster Creek catchment can join a community event and volunteer to care for our waterways and earn $25/hr rebate credits for stormwater infrastructure. Other community volunteers can also donate their credits to Bayside schools and residents, which allows them to achieve their credits goals to receive a maximum of $5,000 for homes and businesses and $20,000 for schools.

Expression of interests for rebates can be submitted at www.livingwaterworkbees.com/earn-a-rain-tank or by contacting reiko [at] ecocentre.com (subject: Water%20tank%20enquiry%20from%20Bayside%20City%20Council)

This project runs till March 2020, so there will be an opportunity to earn rebates till then unless the rebate allocations are exhausted prior to that.