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Weeds and problem plants

When a plant invades an area where they do not naturally occur they are known as a weed. When a weed thrives in a location and becomes a problem to control or eradicate, they become known as a 'pest plant' or 'invasive weed'. Find out the top 9 weeds and problem plants in Bayside.

Australian native plants can be defined as an 'environmental weed' when they spread outside the area where they naturally occur, outcompeting the local species for light, water and nutrients. In Bayside, Coast Tea Tree and Coastal Wattle are 2 examples of Australian native species that have spread outside of their natural known location and are outcompeting local species in our bushland reserves.

Top 9 problem weeds in Bayside

The following are garden plants that have become pest plants in Bayside. Please avoid planting them or if they are in your garden consider removing and replacing them with a less invasive species.

Useful links

For more information on weeds and invasive weeds in Victoria see the Agriculture Victoria website.

If the weed you are dealing with is not in our list, try using the Victorian weed finding tool.