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What are the Built Environment Awards?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 Built Environment Awards have been suspended - for further information please email rcooray [at] bayside.vic.gov.au

The awards raise community awareness of design, landscape and heritage issues and publicly acknowledge architects and designers who have positively contributed to the city's built environment.

All members of the general community as well as building design professionals are encouraged to nominate a property.

The awards are open to both residential and commercial properties. Awards are made from on-street view except for Best ecologically sustainable design category.

Nominations are open

2020 nominations are now open for all categories. Winners will be announced at the awards gala in September 2020.

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Design categories

Most creative design

Recognises buildings that exhibit distinctive design and landmark qualities, generated by new ideas and innovative use of form, materials, colours and technology.

Best new building

Recognises the best overall contribution to the local environment across a diverse range of design criteria including architectural excellence, reflection of community aspirations, positive integration into the local context, affordability, durability, creativity, environmental sensitivity and innovative use of technology.

Best medium-density housing

Recognises outstanding achievement in the provision of medium-density housing that integrates harmoniously into its setting, achieves a high level of domestic amenity and contributes positively to the local urban character.

Best renovation or extension

Acknowledges the careful design required to successfully add new elements to an existing building in a manner, which is complementary, respectful or challenging, yet enriches both the host building and the local urban setting.

Best heritage renovation or restoration

Celebrates the design that underpins the creative and respectful renovation, extension and creative adaptation of heritage places to extend their useful lives and enable new uses while retaining essential heritage integrity.

Best commercial building

Recognises commercial development that goes beyond accepted norms, to provide excellence in design that complements context, creates new forms, challenges preconceptions and responds to emerging economic, social and environmental trends. 

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Sustainability category

Best ecologically sustainable design

Recognises outstanding responsiveness to the growing need for energy efficiency and the emerging ecological challenges of our time, setting a standard for others to follow, while remaining respectful of established neighbourhood character.

Criteria for best ecologically sustainable design category includes a contribution to innovation, leadership and exemplar level of practice that is above and beyond ecologically sustainable design regulatory requirements.

Other aspects include adoption of measures to reduce environmental footprint such as:

  • reduction in energy and water use
  • waste minimisation and use of materials
  • improvement of stormwater quality
  • improvement of indoor air quality
  • sustainable transport.

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The Built Environment Awards promote awareness of outstanding urban design within the municipality.

The judging process for awards is carried out by a panel of independent individuals considered experts in their field and nominated Bayside councillors.

After the closing date for nominations, the judging panel review all submissions and create a short list of finalists.

Criteria includes responsiveness to neighbourhood character, streetscape quality, local identity, heritage, public places and the natural environment.