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What is the difference between building and planning permits?

Building surveying and town planning are controlled by different acts of parliament, regulations and schemes: being the Building Act 1993, the Building Regulations 2006, the Planning Environment Act 1987 and the Bayside Planning Scheme.

These are administered by separate departments within Council: the Building Surveying Department and the Statutory Planning Department.

You may require a permit under one act or the other, sometimes two permits are required (one under each act), and sometimes no permits are required at all.

What should I do to determine which permit is required?

The best way of finding out is to consult an expert: an architect, a draftsperson, a town planner or a building surveyor with local knowledge. You can also contact Council’s Building Surveying or Statutory Planning departments on (03) 9599 4444.

In simple terms, a building permit deals with a building's structural stability and safety, while a planning permit deals with the buildings use. Planning permits are generally required for all non-domestic building works and multi-residential developments, whereas a building permit is required for almost all building works

If a planning permit is required, a building permit cannot be issued until the planning permit is first obtained.

Building works cannot commence until a building permit is issued.