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Winter School Holiday Online Activities

We may not be able to join you for the traditional school holiday program but do not fear, Youth Services are here with online activities this year.

The full instructions and photos will be released on our Facebook and Instagram, each day at 11am, here are the materials if you need to prepare.



Bath Bombs

Monday 29 June

picture of blue bath bomb being placed in bath by person wearing matching blue nail varnish

Kick start the holidays by getting creative and having fun making bath bombs. These can be used as great gifts or as a fun way to treat yourself!

What do I need? 

Gloves, spray bottle of water, mixing bowl, stirrer/whisk, sifter, mold – cupcake or spherical container, 1 cup bicarb soda, ½ cup citric acid, ½ cup cornflour, ½ cup Epsom salts, 1 teaspoon oil (olive or vegetable), essential oil, food colouring

Chocolate Mousse (dairy-free option)

Tuesday 30 June

chocolate mousse image with berries


Who doesn’t like chocolate mousse? We have a traditional and dairy-free/vegan option to choose from…or you could make both!

What do you need? 

Indulgent chocolate mousse:

3 eggs, 20g butter, 200g dark cooking chocolate, 1 tbsp castor sugar, 250ml thick cream, pan (or microwave), 3 bowls, whisk, wooden spoon, ramekins/bowls to serve

Dairy-free/vegan chocolate mousse:

 2 x avocados,¼ cup of cocoa powder/choc powder (no milk)/cacao, ¼ cup dutch cocoa powder or melted choc chips (no milk), milk alternative of choice, pure vanilla extract, maple syrup/golden syrup, salt, mixer/blender/muscle power + spoon/whisk, ramekins/bowls to serve

Both: Optional berries to serve


Wednesday 1 July 

person holding terrarium

One of our favourite things to do at the Youth Centre is gardening. Because it’s getting cold outside, we thought we might show you how to make your very own terrarium in the comfort of your own home!

What do you need?

Glass container (tip: airtight is best as you won’t need to water it. Coffee jars work well otherwise a vase or open jar can work), pebbles, small stones or marbles, soil, Sphagnum Moss, plants (Tip: plants that won’t overgrow work best), decorative items or figurines (optional)

Photography skills

Thursday 2 July

person viewing landscape with camera

Looking to update your photography skills? Follow along for a few tips from us!

What do you need?

A phone with a camera and a sense of creativity.

Time Capsule

Friday 3 July

person digging soil with spade

What would you say to “future you” about the year 2020 so far?
We will show you how to put together some interesting facts, figures, special memories that you can lock away for years or even decades!

What do you need? 

The choice is yours.

If you plan on burying your capsule you will need a hardy container: e.g. empty coffee jar, drink bottle, metal cash box, plastic container.
If you are storing the time capsule inside try: empty crisps tube container, shoebox, expandable file etc.


Monday 6 July

person making origami animals

Learn to make clever little koalas.

What do you need?

Square paper or A4 paper which you can cut down to size, scissors and black texta or sharpie.


Wednesday 8 July


Check out how to make slime with items already in your house, no glue or borax used in this method!

What do you need?

Thick shampoo, cornstarch, water, food colouring (optional)

Bacon Pancakes

Thursday 9 July

Plate of pancakes on a black background

What will you need?

1 egg, 250 grams of Self Raising Flour, 150 grams of sugar, 50 ml milk (or as required), bacon (to taste).

Zumba class

Friday 10 July

Lady dancing while completing a Zumba class

Online Zumba Class with Stephanie de Niese

Kicking off at 11am and will be available until 4pm.

What will you need? Comfortable clothes and shoes, space to dance and make sure you have your water bottle and a sweat towel handy!