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Your rates notice

We issue rates and valuation notices annually by early August. The notice shows your valuation, informs you of various payment options along with any granted pensioner concessions.

Do you want to

  • Update your rate notice details
  • Request the notice to be delivered by email
  • Request an SMS reminder to pay in full

Update your notice details

You can use this form to:

  • Change your address for future rate notices.
  • Update your rate notice details.
  • Get your rate notice via email.
  • Register to get an SMS reminder about when your rates are due in full.

Update your rate notice details

Instalment reminders

Once you have paid your September instalment on time, you will be issued instalment reminders for November, February and May.

Request a copy of a notice

You can also request a copy of your notice to be delivered by mail or email:

Requesting a rate notice showing your current balance incurs a charge.