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Youth Resilience Survey

We have partnered with Resilient Youth Australia (founded by well-renowned psychologist Andrew Fuller) to deliver the schools Youth Resilience Survey.

The Resilience Survey is an evidenced-based on-line survey which collects, collates and analyses the self-reported strengths of young people. The survey is framed in 3 resilience pathways: safe, healthy and fulfilling which provide a picture of resilience in our young people.

In 2016 over 6700 students from 19 schools were surveyed. Overall the results indicate the Bayside young people have significantly higher levels of resilience when compared to national data. 53% of Bayside young people have ‘good/excellent’ levels of resilience (44% National average) and 47% indicate 'low/fair' levels (56% National average).

What is resilience?

Andrew Fuller from Resilient Youth defines resilience as "the ability to draw upon the strengths within yourself and from around you to flexibly respond to life while remaining true to yourself and creating positive relationships with others."

Key strengths identified

  • 91% of young people feel safe and secure at home
  • 93% of students think it’s important to help others
  • 86% of young people have good adult role models

Key challenges identified

  • 31% of students are losing sleep through worry
  • 49% of students text between 10pm and 6pm
  • 65% are not involved in serving the community

We have developed snapshots that report on the data from all the young people who completed the survey. If you would like copies of these let us know and we can email an overall picture for grades 3–12, or individual year level sheets.

Get involved

Parents who are interested in finding more about resilience are invited to the Building Resilience education session to be held on Monday 19 June, 7.00-8.30pm at the Brighton Town Hall.

To find out more about the survey, or if you are a school who would like to get involved, contact Youth Planning and Development Officer, Chloe Godau, (03) 9599 4622 or CGodau [at] bayside.vic.gov.au (subject: Resilience%20survey)

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