Bayside Council stresses importance of pool and spa safety barriers

8 November 2013

For many Bayside residents, summer means spending hours around their backyard pool and spa.

With Melbourne’s warmer weather only weeks away, Bayside City Council is reminding residents that pool and spa safety barriers must comply with relevant building regulations and Australian standards and that children must be constantly supervised while using pool and/or spa areas.

Mr. Shiran Wickramasinghe, Council’s Director City Strategy, said that while backyard pools and spas provide family fun and a great deal of healthy enjoyment, it must be remembered that child safety is top priority.

He emphasised that the two important measures that help prevent drowning tragedies are compliant barriers around a pool or spa and the constant supervision of children.

“If you own a pool and/or spa, the current Building Regulations place responsibility on the property occupier (not just the owner) to make sure that barriers are in place to restrict children from entering the pool area without adult supervision,” he said.  

“As well as compliant safety barriers, and the implementation of a supervision plan, it is imperative that an ongoing maintenance program is undertaken to ensure that the barrier fencing fulfils its intended purpose.”

Key points pool owners should constantly check include:
• Pool fences, gates, doors and windows that form the barrier must be maintained correctly and operate in a complying manner.
• Ensure that all safety barriers such as gates and doors are not left open or propped open.
• Landscaping around a pool/spa area must be maintained to ensure that tree branches, pot plants, etc. are not climbable by young children.
• Ensure that neighbouring properties have not developed potential hazards or climbable objects that may allow access by young children to the pool/spa area.
• Prepare a family supervision plan that maintains constant visual contact with children around a pool/spa area.
• If you are supervising children in the pool/spa area and need to leave, take the children with you; and
• Have the knowledge to rescue and resuscitate quickly and confidently if, despite all your best efforts, a drowning accident does occur.

For further information regarding pool and spa safety barrier regulations, or for a free Safety Around the Pool brochure, contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4660.



Page last updated: 23 Dec 2013