A New Art Exhibition at ARTrium Exhibition Space - Slow Photography

7 July 2014

“Slow Photography”


John Street

Grandfather - 1996
Photographic print

Bayside City Councils ARTrium Exhibition Space will feature an unique photographic exhibition, “Slow Photography” by local resident John Street from Wednesday 6 August – Thursday 4 September 2014.
Unlike other photographic processes, these pictures are one off originals. This is because they are made using Ilford’s rare Ilfochrome Classic light sensitive paper. No transparency or negative is involved.

“I have always been intrigued by the ever changing light”, says Street, “Even as a boy I spent hours at a time waiting for the sun to clip the edge of a cloud. Years later as a professional, I designed my light sources to imitate this. Those boyhood observations of light formed the basis of my understanding of light and shade.”

The Opening event for this exhibition will be held on Wednesday 13 August 6 – 8pm.

The ARTrium Exhibition Space is located at the Bayside City Council Corporate Centre, 76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham. Opening Hours are 8.30am- 5pm Monday to Friday.

For more information please contact the ARTrium Exhibition Space Coordinator on 03 9599 4444 or via email at artevents@bayside.vic.gov.au .

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