Council working to repair storm damage

20 August 2014

Council has begun repairing coastal infrastructure damaged in significant storms on 24 June and 31 July.

The Half Moon Bay Catwalk, North Road Boat Ramp Jetty, Black Rock Seawall and landscape features, Brighton Baths and coastal path Brighton were all significantly damaged in the storm.

Council subsequently closed the public boat ramps at Half Moon Bay, Black Rock and North Road, Brighton for public safety reasons.

While the total cost to Council to repair the damaged assets could top $1.4 million, Council is preparing grant applications to relevant Victorian Government departments which could reduce the cost to about $315,000.

Mayor Laurence Evans said the damaged infrastructure was all significant to the Bayside coastline and community.

"We acknowledge the boating infrastructure in particular gets significant recreational use and their closure will put significant pressure on the use of other launching facilities," Cr Evans said.

"It’s important to us that our assets and infrastructure meet community needs and we are doing our best to ensure they are restored as soon as possible.

"Council has completed an initial concept design and analysis for the catwalk at Half Moon Bay and is progressing with quotations for design and documentation of both boat launching facilities.

"Council is working towards completing these projects as soon as possible and will continue to keep the community informed of the status of the facilities."

Page last updated: 21 Aug 2014