Council to take leadership role for a more sustainable future

5 June 2016

Bayside City Council has launched an ambitious plan that will see it work with community and business for a more sustainable future.

The Bayside Environmental Sustainability Framework (ESF) sets direction and guidance for environmental planning and decision making to help local residents, business and community organisations to become more sustainable.

Bayside City Council Mayor, Cr James Long BM JP said that Council has an important leadership role in the sustainability space.

“As leaders in the commnunity Council is committed to walking the walk on sustainability, not just talking the talk,” Cr Long said

“Council will also be working hard to bring its operations to carbon neutrality through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and where required, participation in appropriate carbon offset schemes,” Cr Long said.

“This will see the retrofitting of Council buildings with sustainability upgrades and continued review of ongoing operations to identify better and more sustainable ways of working.”

A key area for Council will be in the area of waste collection and management.

“Over the period to 2025 Council will be working towards diverting 75% of the material collected from Bayside’s residential waste bins from landfill,” Cr Long said.

“This will be achieved by working with community organisations, kerbside collection contractors and residents to minimise waste, increase recycling and through the introduction of food waste reduction programs.”

Council will also be working with the community and business to help educate and facilitate a more coordinated approach to sustainability in Bayside.

Further actions proposed under the Framework;

  • Using the Bayside Planning Scheme to incorporate environmental sustainability requirements into the planning scheme conditions and processes.
  • Develop and deliver Gardens for wildlife program supporting residents with gardening improvements to encourage wildlife.
  • Pilot a program to reintroduce rare locally indigenous plants.
  • Promote the establishment of wildlife corridors and stepping stones.
  • Establish a new Environmental Citizenship Program and sustainability programs for local schools.
  • Upgrade Council buildings to make them more efficient and sustainable.
  • Partner with local businesses to promote sustainability and better link them with programs offered by all three tiers of government.


“We know that our community highly value our natural environment and leading by example is an important step in helping our community transition to a low-carbon future,” Cr Long said.

“Through its Environmental Sustainability Framework Council will be working to support the community to a more sustainable future through key reductions in energy and water consumption and waste.

“Together we can work to make Bayside a better and more sustainable place.”

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