Council Endorses Coastal Management Plan draft Discussion Paper

19 December 2012

….. and launches next stage of consultation.

At its monthly Meeting, held on Tuesday 18 December, Bayside City Council endorsed a draft Discussion Paper for the Bayside Coastal Management Plan.  The Discussion Paper will now be released for community feedback until March 2013.
Members of the Bayside community interested in the City’s 17 kilometres of foreshore are invited to comment on the draft Discussion Paper that will guide the development of the Bayside Coastal Management Plan.

The draft Discussion Paper was prepared following an extensive Stage One consultation program that commenced in August 2012 and incorporates valuable community feedback and input from key stakeholder groups including the Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria.

Several broad themes have been identified in the draft Discussion Paper and within each theme emerging management directions have been identified and questions posed to stimulate further community feedback.

Council’s current Coastal Strategy, adopted in 1997 and incorporated under the Bayside Planning Scheme, identified that the Bayside coast is highly valued as a dynamic natural environment and a place of environmental and conservation significance with major natural, scenic, heritage and scientific values.

Community feedback through Stage One of the consultation program confirms the foreshore remains the most distinctive and highly valued open space in the City.

Members of the community are invited to contribute to the draft Discussion Paper through a range of opportunities over the coming months by participating in a community workshop on issues and strategic responses or commenting via the Council website.
Mayor Stephen Hartney said the Bayside foreshore is a special place so it is vital that members of the community convey to Council what is important to them about the area and how they would like to see it managed in the future.

“Our foreshore supports a diverse range of uses and users which raises a mix of challenges to balance and manage competing demands and aspirations,” said the Mayor.

“After 15 years our coastal management strategy needs to be updated to address new State legislative requirements, the current aspirations of the community, as well as factors such as climate change.

“Therefore I strongly encourage everyone who has a love of, and an interest in, the Bayside foreshore to participate in this Stage Two community consultation program.  This is another valuable opportunity to share your thoughts on how you believe the area should be managed in the future,” he said.

Some of the existing and emerging issues, challenges, constraints and opportunities that are incorporated in the draft Discussion Paper include:

  • Accessibility and connectivity along the coast
  • Balance of passive and active recreation
  • Impacts of climate change
  • Protection and enhancement of environmental values
  • Commercial use of foreshore public land
  • Management and identification of places of cultural heritage significance (pre and post settlement); and
  • Consistency of building and public realm design.

Council draft Coastal Management Plan is expected to be considered for adoption around mid-2013.

For further information contact Bayside City Council on 9599 4444 or visit the Council website

Page last updated: 19 Dec 2012