Bayside Retains Hard Waste 'Booked Collection' Service

26 June 2013

“Leading example of Industry Best Practice” says independent review

Bayside residents will continue to take advantage of the more convenient and environmentally sound at-call hard waste collection system after Council resolved to retain the ‘Booked Collection’ system at its June meeting.

An independent review of the new system was commissioned by Council after it had been operating for 12 months with 69% of residents surveyed who had used the new service favouring its retention.

The review reported that the new service provided Bayside residents with a “leading example of Industry Best Practice that meets the needs of residents” and that “any substantive change would be financially wasteful and unnecessary”.

It also outlined the cost benefits of the new system compared to the bulk collection system with the cost of the new service estimated at $650,000 per year compared to the Bulk collection cost of $913,000 per annum.

Further, the review confirmed that the ‘Booked Collection’ service “delivers improved environmental outcomes through increased diversion of waste from landfill, currently estimated at a 15% increase”.

It also confirmed that the new service offers better flexibility and convenience to the community, improved recycling rates, and less mess on Bayside footpaths and streets caused by scavengers.

15,898 households used the service in its first 12 months of operation which, according to the review, shows that residents understand how the system works and appreciate its benefits.

As part of the review process, 400 Bayside residents were surveyed of which 144 had experienced a booked hard waste collection and were clearly favourable of the system.

In summary the review clearly identified that, based on benchmarking the service being offered, it is considered to be among the leading hard waste management services offered by local governments in Victoria.

Residents can book their hard waste collection on-line via Council’s website or by phoning Council’s Customer Service section on 9599 4444.

The Hard Waste ‘Booked Collection’ service was introduced to the Bayside community in March last year, replacing the twice-yearly scheduled kerbside hard waste collection system that had been operating since 1999.

Bayside’s previous hard waste service required householders to deposit their items on their nature strips on specific dates on two occasions each year - in May and November.

The aim of introducing the new services was to provide greater convenience to residents, increase landfill diversion rates through recycling and the ethical disposal of waste, reducing the hard waste collection and disposal costs and improving safety through prompt collection of the hard waste material.

Page last updated: 27 Jun 2013