Proposed National Home of Golf - update

31 July 2013

The site assessment findings and two development options, prepared to assess Elsternwick Park as a possible location for a National Home of Golf and Centre of Excellence (NHOGCOE), has been submitted to Council for consideration.

The major features of the two development concepts for the NHOGCOE are improved community access to open space, upgraded sporting facilities and a golf driving range.

Bayside City Council gave the project consortium, made up of representatives from Golf Australia, Golf Victoria and the PGA of Australia, permission to proceed with the site assessment in February this year on the understanding that the cost would be met by the consortium and that it would not necessarily bind Council in any future support for the project.

After considering the site assessment findings at its recent meeting, Council agreed to include the golf consortium’s proposal in the Elsternwick Park master planning exercise, to consult with the community on the project, and extend to the scope of the master planning process to include the northern sector of Elsternwick Park.

The master planning process for Elsternwick Park was deferred by Council earlier this year pending discussions with the golf consortium and in order for the consortium to complete its site assessment works.

As part of the site assessment findings, the golf consortium made it clear to Council that the two development concepts are at a very preliminary stage and would require detailed design, feasibility and business planning to ensure more accurate plans, costs and outcomes to be determined.

Council’s master planning process for the area of Elsternwick Park north of Bent Avenue, North Brighton, will now proceed and is expected to be submitted to Council at its March 2014 meeting.

Background Information:
Elsternwick Park is approximately 35 hectares and is bounded by St Kilda Street, New Street, Head Street and Glen Huntly Road in North Brighton. Bent Avenue divides Elsternwick Park into northern and southern sectors. Elsternwick Park is Crown land that has been gazetted for public park and recreation purposes. Council is the appointed Committee of Management and manages Elsternwick Park on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Within the northern site of Elsternwick Park, there are a number of existing and longstanding tenants including:

  • Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA);
  • Elsternwick Park Tennis Centre;
  • Elsternwick Park Bowls/Sports Club;
  • Elsternwick Park Golf Course;
  • Elsternwick Cricket Club; and
  • Elsternwick Amateur Football Club.

Page last updated: 31 Jul 2013