Council supports recommendations for a fairer electoral model for Victoria's LGAs

22 October 2014

Bayside City Council has welcomed recommendations that would see a fairer electoral model for Victorian local governments.

Bayside City Council Mayor, Cr Laurence Evans said that the findings of the Independent Local Government (Electoral Review) Panel Report provide an important opportunity to increase the equity of electoral systems in Victorian local government through the streamlining of wards.

“Municipalities across Victoria currently have varying systems which allow for combinations of single and multi-member wards or non-uniform multi-member wards,” Cr Evans said.

Bayside presently has a non-uniform multi-member ward structure where one ward has three elected councillors while the other two have two elected representatives.

Council supports an expansion of the current number of councillors in Bayside from the existing 7 to 9 and is broadly supportive of moving towards a uniform system.

“The introduction of a uniform ward system in Victoria would help reduce inconsistencies in the numbers of votes that councillors would require in order to be elected,” Cr Evans said.

Under the present system which allows for mixed wards, councillors in different wards can face different quotas to be elected in the one council election.

“For municipalities with both single and multi-member wards, different ballot counting systems are used from one ward to the next,” Cr Evans said.

“The discontinuation of the practice of mixed-wards would result in a fairer, clearer and more consistent election process for Victoria’s local governments,”

“It would also result in a more democratic process, ensuring that elected councillors would come to council having secured the same minimum level of community support.”

The Panel Report was commissioned by the Victorian Minister for Local Government and is currently out for feedback from all of Victoria’s local government areas.

The review panel consists of former federal member for Kooyong Petro Georgiou AO, Sally Davis former Manager of the Australian Electoral Commissions and Anne Murphy former President of the Municipal Association of Victoria.

“These proposed changes are important for ensuring a better, fairer electoral system for Victorian local governments.”

Page last updated: 22 Oct 2014