Council's street lighting upgrade enters into its final stages

26 November 2014

The final stage of Council’s energy efficient street lighting program is set to roll out in the new year.

So far 3,792 lights in the Bayside area have been replaced as part of a three year plan to reduce Council’s energy consumption.

Bayside City Council Mayor Cr. Felicity Frederico said, “The program is making significant inroads towards Council’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2020.”

“As a community, it is our responsibility to take an ongoing, proactive approach to the challenges presented by climate change.”

“Further reducing our energy consumption through the final stage of the street lighting upgrade is just one way Council is contributing to these efforts.”

“The upgrade will produce 45,163 tonnes less of greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 10,503 fewer cars on the road, and achieve overall cost savings of more than $14.5 million over a 20 year period.”

Following a recent decision by United Energy to approve LEDs, the final stage of the lighting upgrade will make use of this technology.

By using less electricity than the current lights, the LEDs will pay for themselves through reduced energy costs in 5.3 years.

For more information visit or contact Council on 03 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 27 Nov 2014