Festival Overview

The Bayside Film Festival (BFF) celebrates young voices through the art of filmmaking and by screening a program showcasing the diversity and vitality of film. This annual festival takes place between July and August over a period of four days.

Curated Program

The Festival's Artistic Director will curate a program which will put local storytelling into a global context, encouraging dialogue between the contemporary ideas in international filmmaking and the fresh talent of local filmmakers.

The screening program will feature documentaries and shorts, film-related forums and workshops with industry practitioners.



  Richard Moore - Artistic Director

Bayide Film Festival, 2013/2014

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Richard Moore

Formerly at the helm of the Melbourne International Film Festival, Moore’s most recent appointment was as Head of Screen Culture, Screen Queensland and Artistic Director of the Brisbane International Film Festival.

‘As a loyal rate paying resident of Bayside I am delighted to be working on our local film festival. I am a firm believer that we can turn this festival, with its focus on new and emerging documentary filmmakers, into a niche event on the Melbourne film calendar. I am particularly interested in the trove of great local stories and characters and in encouraging filmmakers, through our Youth Documentary, Digital Stories and Jump Cut programs to mine their local environment for inspiration.’

Moore was a practising documentary film maker from 1990 to 2000 before taking up the position of Executive Producer TV Arts with ABC TV. In 2006 he was appointed Executive Director of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) and in 2010 Artistic Director of the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF). With both festivals Moore was responsible for the curating of the film program as well as developing a series of talks, workshops and special events.

Bayside Review Local - 25 February 2013 (PDF, 3,229KB)

2013 Bayside Film Festival Trailer


Jump Cut Program

The Festival will provide a platform to present the work of young people from across the nation plus introduce international participation through the Jump Cut competition. Combined with the Festival's Opening and Closing events and the  Awards Night, the Festival has something for all ages. 


2013 Jump Cut Trailer


The Youth Documentary Project

The Youth Documentary Project is a major component of the Film Festival, Council appoints a Project Director to assist with planning and delivering this project.

Over a three-month period, professional filmmakers will work alongside media teachers to deliver film production workshops to over 100 students at secondary schools here in Bayside and schools outside the municipality. The production and subsequent screening of youth documentaries and digital stories is a unique aspect to the Festival.

Digital Stories

As part of the Youth Documentary Project the Project Director will also facilitate the Digital Stories Program. These stories are produced by young people with a disability and are narratives which give an insite into their personal lives, they require the participant to work in a one-on-one capacity with a facilitator.


2013 Youth Documentary Project Trailer

We look forward to seeing you there!

Council invites all members of the community to participate in the Bayside Film Festival. It offers a fantastic networking experience for young people at the start of a career - or for a chance to weigh up whether filmmaking is something they wish to be involved in or they simply wish to enhance the film experience. The Festival sessions are stimulating and tremendous fun, opening doors to like minded people allowing them to engage in local and global storey making.

We encourage the community to enjoy all aspects of the Film Festival through attendance during the Festival program or by supporting through participating schools or providing assistance in the form of funding. This Festival can provide tremendous support to young people wishing to explore the art of filmmaking and to explore professional development options through Art & Culture.


Festival Archive

Since 2004 This Festival has been
selected for preservation by the

State Library of Victoria

Program Guides

2004 program page 1 (PDF, 754KB)
2004 program page 2 (PDF, 382KB)

2005 program cover (PDF, 113KB)
2005 program inside (PDF, 207KB)   

2008 program (PDF, 1,399KB)  

2009 program (PDF, 1,450KB) 

2010 program (PDF, 951KB) 

2011 program (PDF, 1,197KB) 

2012 program (PDF, 461KB)  

2013 program (PDF, 1,48KB)

2014 program (PDF, 1,205KB)



Past Festival Artwork Images



Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2005 Festival

Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2006 Festival   


Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2007 Festival   

Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2008 Festival   



Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2009 Festival   

Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) 2010 Festival  


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Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) - 2011 Festival

Photography Siri Hayes
Artwork image (detail) - 2012 Festival

Photography Marcus Thomson
Artwork image (detail) - 2013 Festival

Photography Liza Clements
Artwork image (detail) - 2014 Festival