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2015 planning

If your school is interested in moving along its sustainability journey, learning about embedding sustainability in the curriculum, or looking for mentorship around community, student leadership and child-led learning in a range of curriculum areas, you can contact Council for assistance. These supports are financial and in-kind in nature.

Other great ideas

  • We offer a lot of great programs around marine life and Bay education at primary school level, and this would make a great Early Years program! This would be focused on developing a relationship with the Bay and our related marine ecosystems
  • Found art
  • Maths: audit support
  • I sea, I care to build upon a science-stream base and support leadership at High School level
  • Audits: expand to water and energy

Professional Development

  • Training and funding for training around how to connect your curriculum with sustainability topics
  • Potential teacher professional development includes making connections between environmental education and stewardship, research on leadership, and how to run and support programs such as Tomorrow’s Leaders for Sustainability, i sea, i care, and other leadership programs in your school

Succession Planning

  • Working as the champion teacher within a school can be lonely, and may cause problems in continuity when you leave
  • We provide support in succession planning, and help ensure longevity in sustainability in your school long after you’ve left

2014 snapshot

Check out our  2014 Schools Snapshot booklet (PDF, 2.49MB) of what happened for some ideas

Page last updated: 07 Jul 2015