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New Residential Zones

The Victorian Government, last year, introduced three new residential zones for Victoria. All councils had until 1 July 2014 to apply the new zones.

Amendments to the Bayside Planning Scheme

Bayside City Council initially prepared two amendments to implement the zones:

  • Limiting development in our neighbourhoods (Amendment C106)

    Amendment C106 implemented the new zones in all other residential parts of Bayside. This amendment came into operation on Thursday 19 June 2014.
  • A third amendment is proposed (Amendment C140) which will implement the policy of the Bayside Housing Strategy (2012). Council is seeking authorisation from State Government to prepare this planning scheme amendment. Once received, Council will subsequently commence an extensive community consultation process regarding the changes.

Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ)

Provides for limited development in established residential areas that are more distant from shops and public transport, and protects heritage and neighbourhood character.

This zone provides the greatest opportunity to protect Bayside’s neighbourhood character. Development in these areas is limited by:

  • restricting development to two storeys (in most locations 8 metres); and
  • only allowing two dwellings per block.

General Residential Zone (GRZ)

Allows for some multi-unit development in areas with good access to shops, services and public transport. New development must also respect neighbourhood character.

Residential Growth Zone (RGZ)

Identifies areas that are suitable to undergo change in urban character and can sustain an increase in population as the location offers good access to services and public transport. Encourages a diverse range of housing styles from townhouses, units and apartments. Allows for increased housing growth and density, including buildings up to four storeys.

More information about how we decided which zone to apply where

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