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Car Parking Plans

We are looking at ways to improve car parking in Bay Street, Church Street, Hampton Street and Sandringham Village.

We want to know your views on the challenges and your ideas for improvements.

What is a car parking plan?

The purpose of a car parking plan is to identify the key car parking issues facing each centre and develop strategies for how these issues will be managed now and into the future.

Implementing the strategies may ultimately result in changes to planning controls which could see the introduction of a Parking Overlay into its Planning Scheme. The Parking Overlay is the main tool Council can use to influence future parking provision in these areas.

Other possible implementation mechanisms include parking permits, special rate charges, management of public parking (e.g. time restrictions, fines) and shared parking requirements.

The diagram below illustrates the relationship between a car parking plan, the Parking Overlay and other implementation mechanisms (source: Department of Planning and Community Development).

Why are we preparing car parking plans?

Car parking within Bayside is a shared resource and one that is not easy to manage given competing pressures. However the preparation of car parking plans would enable Council to identify car parking needs and issues within these centres. They would also relate to the broader social, economic and environmental considerations.

Where are we at?

Following a series of community workshops in late 2014, Council are now collating the issues raised. From this, a series of objectives and actions will be developed to inform draft Car Parking Plans.

Once Council have completed draft plans we will seek community feedback on these plans before finalising.

To register your interest in the project, contact the Strategic Planning department on 9599 4444.


Page last updated: 29 Sep 2015