Reducing waste to landfill: Home composting products. Almost half the material in kerbside garbage bins is food waste that can be composted. Council provides composting products at wholesale prices. Choose a product that suits your needs, and start!

Home composting products

Did you know that almost half the items you throw into your kerbside garbage bin can be composted?

Bayside residents can purchase composting products from Council at wholesale prices. All you need to do is choose the product that suits your needs and start composting!

To discuss what product is right for you contact Councils Sustainability team on 9599 4444.

To order any home composting product complete the online form.

If you are unable to order online contact Councils Customer Service team who can post you an application form.

Compost Bins

Compost bins take a range of food scraps and garden waste and are suitable for families and large gardens.

Green Cones

The Green Cone is an in-ground all natural food composting system that takes all household food waste. Ideal for busy families and any size garden, it does not produce compost material and requires only a low amount of maintenance.

Worm Farms

Worm farms are ideal for small spaces and take a range of food scraps. They are also great educational tools for kids to learn about the environment.


Bio-fermenters can take just about all food scraps and you can even keep it in your kitchen. Ideal for apartments and units, it is a convenient and practical way to transform your kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner.

Page last updated: 30 Jun 2016