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Recreation participation in Bayside

Recreation includes sport and active recreation activities undertaken, away from home, during free time. Bayside City Council plays a major role in the provision of recreation facilities and services, including more than 100 recreation and sporting facilities, an indoor aquatic centre and Middle Brighton Baths, formal parks and gardens, play spaces and five golf course facilities. Bayside has over 17 kilometres of foreshore featuring beautiful beaches, walking trails, lifesaving clubs, yacht/boating facilities, the ‘Bay Trail’ and popular Beach Road for on-road cycling.

Council’s 2012 household survey on recreation showed that a large percentage of Bayside residents participated in recreation activities – 72 per cent of children aged 5-14 years and 95.5 per cent of adults1. Outdoor activities were the most popular in terms of participation rates, followed by water-based activities and indoor activities. Figure 1 shows some of the more popular recreation activities for both children and adults in Bayside.

The top ten recreation activities for children were:
1. Swimming (beach/pool)
2. Cycling/bike riding
3. Skateboarding/scootering
4. Walking for exercise
5. Tennis
6. Basketball
7. Dancing/ballet
8. AFL/Auskick
9. Running/jogging
10. Bushwalking.

The top ten recreation activities for adults were:
1. Walking for exercise
2. Swimming (beach/pool)
3. Cycling/bike riding
4. Fitness class/gym workout
5. Running/jogging
6. Bushwalking
7. Yoga/pilates
8. Tennis
9. Fishing
10. Scuba diving.

The recreation activities undertaken most frequently in Bayside – that is, more than once a week or once a week – were bowls, walking for exercise, gymnastics/calisthenics, martial arts, dancing/ballet and gym workout/weights. Whilst some recreation activities had high levels of participation, they were not undertaken as frequently as others. Examples of these recreation activities are scuba diving/snorkelling, canoeing/kayaking, waterskiing/power boating, beach volleyball and beach swimming – which are largely seasonal and may also rely on use of specialised equipment.

Figure 2 shows the types of recreation facilities of high importance to residents. Residents also rated their satisfaction with these facilities - the facilities with lower satisfaction ratings but of high importance were walking paths and shared cycling paths, public swimming pools, foreshore parks, on-road cycling lanes and bush or coastal trails.

In 2013 Bayside City Council has adopted a new Recreation Strategy titled ‘Active by the Bay’, which addresses the future needs and aspirations for Bayside’s recreational facilities and activities. A strong trend that is incorporated within the Strategy was an emphasis by residents on the importance of walking and the need for improved and integrated walking trails.

For further information on recreation participation in Bayside, contact the Policy and Planning Unit on 9599 4444.

Page last updated: 24 Jul 2015