Under the microscope - recycling plastics: If you look closely at the plastic bottles and containers, you may see a number in a triangle, eg #1, this code tells you what type of plastic it is, this page will explain which plastics can go into your bin

Recycling plastics

Plastics accepted through your kerbside recycling bin: Number 1 (beverage, sauce, take-away and fresh produce containers eg strawberries and their lids), 2 (Milk, juice, ice-cream and shampoo containers), 3 (Window cleaner, detergent and cordial bottles), 4 (Plastic lids eg margarine, ice-cream and milk containers), 5 (Dairy product containers eg yogurt and margarine), 6 (Bakery and deli containers eg muffins) and 7 (Tupperware containers, sports drink and baby bottles).

It's ok to leave the lids on plastics. Recyclable plastics are usually in the form of containers that have been used for human consumption and bought from your supermarket.

Plastics that are recyclable but are not accepted through the council kerbside recycling bins include:



red cross image Expanded polystyrene e.g. cups, trays and packaging
red cross image Sheet plastic e.g. plastic shopping bags

Visit Responsible disposal options to find out where you can dispose of these types of plastics. Please note that soft plastics can be disposed of in the recycling station at Council's Corporate Centre in Sandringham. 


Bayside Waste Guide (PDF, 6.84MB)

Page last updated: 07 Jul 2015