Other responsible disposal options: Council recommends the following options for responsible disposal of the following unwanted household items

Responsible disposal options

Skip Bins

To place a skip bin (also known as waste bins or bulk rubbish containers) on council land within the Bayside municipality*, please contact a commercial provider to see if they service your location.

Council land includes:

  • roadways/laneways
  • rights of way
  • nature strips and verges
  • council car parks

Responsible Disposal

Not all waste can be disposed of in your kerbside or hardwaste collection. Some of these items include: 


Guidance for dealing with asbestos in your home or workplace is now available through the Asbestos Check website

The asbestos website brings together information from WorkSafe, the Department of Health and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to provide one comprehensive, user-friendly guide to dealing with asbestos. The website includes images of asbestos, how to recognise asbestos-containing material, answers to frequently asked questions and guidelines and regulations governing its handling and removal.

Paint, fluorescent tubes and light globes

Household paint, batteries, fluorescent tubes and light globes (compact fluorescent lamps) contain heavy metals such as zinc and mercury and should not go into your bin with your regular waste. 

You can collect these unwanted or out-of-date items and drop them off daily from 8am to 4pm seven days a week at the Talinga Road Waste and Recycling Centre.

Mobile phones, CDs, DVDs and VHS

Domestic quantities of the above household items can be recycled through Council’s recycling stations at the Corporate Centre and Beaumaris Library, with the exception of fluorescent tubes which are accepted at the Corporate Centre only.

Chemicals and hazardous items

Highly toxic chemicals such as kitchen and bathroom cleaners, poisons, weed killer, pesticides, fuels, solvents, paint thinners and pool chemicals can be dropped off at any Victorian mobile collection services held in many locations throughout the year.

Visit Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Detox your Home’ website for a full list of accepted chemicals and products and locations of permanent and mobile collection services near you or free call 1300 363 744.

Electronic waste

Televisions and computers can be collected for recycling through Council’s hard waste booking service or can be dropped off at the Transfer Centre (charges may apply).


Mattresses can be collected for recycling through Council’s hard waste booking service or dropped off at a cost through the Transfer Centre.

Plastic shopping bags

You can place soft plastics in the RED bin which is part of the recycling station at the Council Coprorate Centre. In addition, most of the major supermarkets have collection bins for used plastic shopping bags.


Visit Recycling Near You to find your closest disposal site.

Pre-loved household goods and clothing

Donate your clothing, furniture, toys and appliances to a friend, op shop or charity. Visit Recycling Near You  look up “charities & charitable organisations opportunity shops” in the yellow pages or join Ziilch where it's free to join, free to list and free to take.

Smoke detectors

Household smoke detectors can now be disposed of in your household garbage bin. Commercial smoke detectors containing more than 40 kBq of radioactive material must be disposed of by returning to the supplier or manufacturer.

Toners and printer cartridges

Visit cartridges.planetark.org for disposal locations.

Unused medicines and pharmaceuticals

Unused medicines and pharmaceuticals can be returned to participating pharmacists throughout Victoria for disposal. For more information, visit Return Unwanted Medicines or phone 1300 650 835.


For more recycling options visit Recycling Near You or contact Council on 03 9599 4444.

Bayside Waste Guide (PDF, 6.84MB)

Page last updated: 06 May 2016